Our stories reinterpreted.

 Weaving together the life and poetry of CJ Dennis together with
the narration of Madge Yeatman (volunteer nurse in the Great War),
Of Auburn – by Steven Oppes – combines theatre, poetry, personal testimony, live music and immersive audio-visual technology to tell the stories of Dennis and the women of World War I.


Directed by
Lisa Harper Campbell
(The Double Bass, Watchlist)

Written and Produced by
Steven Oppes
(Les Flâneurs Volants; the Jacques Cabarets)

Idea conceived and Co-Produced by
Jean-Marc Spiler
(Les Flâneurs Volants; the Jacques Cabarets)

Clare Mansfield
(ANZAC Girls)
Nic Conway
(Abbott! The Musical)

Live music performed by
Minnie Little
(Jasmine Ferguson, Ciara Ferguson & Jack Overall)

Audio-Visual Production by
Stu Nankivell
Blue Goanna Digital